TenFold Finance is 100% Scam Software ! Honest Review !!

By | February 9, 2017

Are you looking for any ways to invest money in binary options trading? Then I would suggest not to go for Ten Fold Finance. This website offers a lot of fake claims which are just not possible at all. Hence we don’t have any other option than rather considering it as a scam. The claims that this company makes itself are impossible in the first place.

Make good use of your money rather than investing in this company. This is a trap set up in a very good form just to attract investors. Once you go through this post, you will know everything you need to know regarding the company.

Ten Fold Finance is Scam or Legit Software!


About 10 Fold Finance:

The company has an owner named Kyle Jenkins. He has introduced the company’s stocks which focussed on trading software. The software is referred to as both Ten Fold Finance & Trade Assets Calculator (FTAC).The company’s owner claims that his investment is 100% profitable, yet the explanation he gives on how he would do it has a suspicious vibe in his testimonial video.


The company does not explain anything regarding the software. Even though they claim, they use a unique algorithm in their technology, but I doubt there is any algorithm involved. In other words, they are just fooling the investors. So better stay away from this fake company.

Functional Trade Assets Calculator:

The Ten-Fold Finance is the investment firm, owned by Kyle Jenkins, who is reportedly a stock market trader. He along with his programming team offers Functional Trade Assets Calculator. Functional Trade Assets Calculator use the existing infrastructure to process & secure trades, mainly in commodities.

A fact that, as no financial instrument are not offered for trading as a binary option in future is suspicious. The whole Functional Trade Assets Calculator concept that they present is doubtful itself.

Proofs of the Scam – TenFold Finance:

  • Fake Owner: Kyle Jenkins, the owner of this automated trading software, has not yet surfaced himself. All we know is the name & a picture of him. He is yet another paid actor, who acts as being Kyle Jenkins. So, to consider whether any Kyle Jenkins exists or not is another question. In a testimonial video, he’s found to be talking about his wealth, no doubt he’s showcasing his money, but eventually he fails to show the truth. He also promises to share the secret of his success with the investors, whoever invests money in his automated trading software.


  • Fake Actors: The made up videos by hiring paid actors in the testimonial videos. Through these videos, they lure the new investors towards their “100% assurance to make profits”, who are not yet fully aware of the binary trading. The videos usually have actors who are paid & hired for speaking good things about the company. Even the cars & the properties used in the videos have the chance of being rented.


  • False Claims: Fake trading statements are yet another highlighting factor that proofs its evil intentions. The presenters of the Ten Fold Finance company doesn’t really have any idea what they are presenting to investors themselves. They seem to be more desperate to add some more investors to their scam so that they could make a good earning out of it.The company fails to explain about their software & the algorithm used in it. So, there is not a chance to trust this scam.


  • No Valid Proof About System: The developers really do not explain or present anything about their systems or the algorithms. They just say that they have some advanced technology which is 100% accurate & keep on repeating the same thing again & again the whole time.
  • Even Saturday, Sunday: They also say that their trade market is open & available for trade only on Mondays to Fridays. As for other companies, are open throughout every day for 24 hours. They also fail to explain anything regarding that, which can only be considered one thing, SCAM!
  • Unmatching Date Explanation: The domain age of the company is 9th August 2016, which is hardly a month go, but the company claims ten months of service. It is even hard to believe.

10Fold Finance – Conclusion:

My final verdict is, please do stay away from this scam. This kind of bogus websites can cause you a lot of losses. They don’t just fool you but also, take away the money that you had earned & had saved over the years. The claims made by this kind of companies are usually fake, just to tempt or lure innocent people, assuring them to make a profit out of the amount of money that they invest in these companies.

It’s not so hard to find out the point that leads to suspicion of these sites. All you need is some logical thinking & some researchers to make sure these sites are lying. They somehow manage to lie & usually people fall into their traps, so just be aware next time you come across this kind of websites on the internet.

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