Quantum Code Review – Is Quantum Code Scam or Legit?

By | February 8, 2017

Quantum Code is well-known scam software in the Binary Options Industry. This is a deceptive scam website that claims to make million of dollars within a few months. The alleged owner of this scam software is called Michael Crawford. He claimed to be mentioned the Forbes and other reputed financial magazines. But, how much truthful he is with his claims, we will find out right here. You are strongly suggested to read Quantum code review in-depth before you decide to switch to this software.

Quantum Code Review – Legit or Scam?


Let’s make it straight, as soon as we dropped on the official website of Quantum Code we were pretty much sure that this is literally a scam software, before we have a second thought. There is nothing about Quantum Code to be impressed of or to trust. However, they have tried their best to convince the viewers that they are real. Privat Jet, Super Car, and Luxury Big Castle; everything has been seen in their promo video. But they missed some strong factors that turned to be their curse. So, what are those factors that helped us to figure out the scam activities of Quantum Code?

Unrealistic Profit! Over $1,892,460 Every Month! Really?

Before you even watch their promo video, as soon as you access to their official website, you will see there is a 7 digit profit stated right above the promo video attachment. The amount was measured at $1,892,460. That also not in a year or based on several months. They have clearly stated that such as huge profit amount can be earned within just a month. This kind of claims can hear from only scam artists. No legitimate software or highly experienced trader could make such a huge amount of profit from binary options trading.


Never Ending VIP Spot Available

Another most common scam attempt we have noticed on the bottom right corner of the website. Right there, you can see that a counting down widget showing you frequently decreasing available spots. It also shows that there are no enough spots left, and it can be over at any time soon. Certainly, you would be getting hurry to grab one. But, you should hold your excitement right there.

quantum code

The widget actually is just a fabricated one to force the viewers to register to their system. If you notice, it will be clear that the VIP spot available is never going to end, as it counts down from a higher number and stops at the 1, whenever you access to the site.


Irritating Pop-Up Window

Yes, they have proved once again that they are certainly scammer for nothing good but to steal your hard-earned money. Right after few seconds of you access to the site, you will be continuously poked by a pop-up window that asks for registering to their website as soon as possible. Worse is that there is not even a closing option in that popped up window. It will be closed only when you click on the blank spaces. This kind of pop-up is designed to let you no other option but signing up to their website.



After in-depth analyzation of the quantum code software, it is pretty much clear that this software is just an another standard scam system. Considering this kind of scam software for trading in Binary Options will make you no profit, but will be left regretted and full of depression.

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