Push Money App Review – One more Scam Exposed!

By | February 7, 2017

This is a site created by Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan and the things that these brokers promised to give are $200 profit in 60 seconds, and they also promised to give 63 to 65 percent profit. It promises to give you Cash Bonus of up to $10000.

These brokers had been using you to become rich; they are nothing but empty vessels shouting to give you $10000 bonus. This is a scam site, and their eyes are on your money. After so much of observation and research, we have come to the conclusion that this app is nothing but a scam. No people whoever had a deal with these brokers got satisfying results. I have read many of the comments of the people being aggressive and used abusive words because they trusted these brokers and had lost a huge amount of money. They call it all Fake! Scam! Scam!

So after reading their views, it made me more curious to check this site myself, and I found lots of things which I’ll be sharing with you in this article. So read this article to know about these brokers. So in this article, I’ll be giving you some ugly facts about Push Money App.

Push Money App is a Dangerous Scam Busted Out!


I have gone through their official webpage, and I have even registered using a fake name and fake email ID (Did not make email ID with such name), but still I could register on their site how wonderful it is! And guess what I have gathered information after accessing their site I’ll show you many things so keep reading this articles to know the fact about Push Money App.

  • Fake numbering:

Every time you open their page, you will see numbers increasing from 100 0r 200 they say ‘…people are filling out the form right now’ and I closed the site and opened it again and I saw the number of people registering from 200. Every time you open the page, you know the count from the beginning. It proves that it is just the random number it has no significance with real time.


You can check it by another method, just disconnect the data/internet connected to your device; the number will still keep changing

  • Meaningless promises:

You can see what is written in it. It is written ‘Immediately after you make a deposit, the Push Money App will unlock, and you can start making money within minutes! All you have to do is Push Money!’- That explains a lot! Is it possible to make money within few minutes without any effort?

  • Exaggerated facts:

I have searched for it I could not find such info other than on this page. See how they claim themselves to be the leading broker whereas it is accused of fraudulent. Shame on them!

  • No response to questions:

Here you can see only one question had been answered rest all are ignored. They don’t care to solve your confusion, but they are more interested in your deposition so that they can take away all your money that you have deposited for trading via this broker.

  • Fake testimonial videos:

I have checked their testimonial video where I found that people have been pretending in the video, they just acted the way they are told to act. I won’t say that they are just ordinary people like you and me who would say “Yes” to everything that they utter. They are hired actors called to give testimonials in return they receive an enormous amount of money for misleading people. These people should be behind bars. Putting them behind bars will be a lesson for many cheaters like them.


  • Fake cheque:

You can see the person holding fake cheque. These are evidence enough to prove these brokers as cheaters and their site as a scam.

  • Search for the brokers in social media:

I have searched for these brokers on social networking sites but could not find their account. If they were real businesspeople thinking to give you profit, they would make themselves available and approachable to people via social media or networking sites. Whereas they are no were. It says that these people do not exist in real.

  • No information about the Software:

Saying Automated Binary trading software is not enough! What evidence do they have that will prove their site as legit? If they really had extraordinary software to give you 65% success, they would have mentioned how it works, the algorithms of the software, etc.

What should be done to avoid scams?

  • Go through the site thoroughly and check each and every details about the site and the brokers.
  • Search them on social networking sites, see whether they are available or not. If they are true businessmen, they will surely have an account on social networking sites for promoting their business and also to interact with people to know their feedbacks. If they are not found, you’ll know that they are scammers.
  • Watch the testimonial Videos, observe the testimony givers and the devices they use. Testimony givers are not supposed to have any link with each other they are supposed to be people from a different place called to share their experiences of using this automated app.
  • Any resemblance of presenters with the other sites then you can call the brokers as Scammers without any second thought.

Conclusion : Push Money App Review!

Going through each and every detail about a site takes pretty much time so you can do a thing you can read the articles we post on our site and find the facts about the sites it will reduce the amount of time that you spent in researching about the brokers. We give you every detail about the brokers.

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