Profits Eternity Viral Scam Software Exposed Out! Honest Review!!

By | February 11, 2017

Binary trading system is one of the leading trading systems in the world now. Many businessmen, women, and entrepreneurs are also coming up with the ideas to invest in this trading systems. And every succeeding system meets a scam that is very bad, not for the one who creates it but for those who fall into it.

Some way or the other, the binary options trading is responsible for the uprising of such scams. Recently there is a buzz regarding a software named Profits Eternity. But is it a working software, or yet another cheap trick of the scammers? Well, the only way to find out is by going through this article.

So, without any further delay, check out these points below.

Profits Eternity Review – Fake & Bogus Software!


The Profits Eternity is a software that works fully on auto-pilot. The software claims to be 100% efficient in making an assured profit in the binary options trading. The software had also claimed that it has made a lot of people rich, whoever had chosen this software as the source of trading in binary options.

About the Owner:

Jane Creswell is the name of the owner, as shown in the presentation video. The owner is allegedly a millionaire that her software has made her. She claimed that her software had helped her in earning a huge of profit of $9,978,82.54 in just a year, which is just unbelievable and most importantly not possible in anyways.


The way she delivers the speech, it is pretty clear that the imposter Jane Creswell is a scam artist. The way she delivers the speech is very understandable, as only trained professionals can throwback this kind of speech with such ease.

It is a mere indication towards the fact that she can be a professional actor hired to speak in the promotion of the software.

Fake Claims:

The software has claimed to have an ability to make a profit of $12,000 per day. Also, the owner of the software has claimed that the software is 100% efficient for trading. But these are all lies. The claims are not only for attracting the innocent traders into this software but also for cheating on their money.


The scam software usually throws this kind of fake promises towards the users to showcase a very good reputation or capability of the work, but truthfully these scams are nothing at all. The whole presentation of this software are based on unrealistic claims, improper evidence and they also try to attract people by showing good things like luxury homes, good cars, and a lot of money that is never seen or thought of.

So, the traders need to look forward to that. The claims will take the traders to nowhere but losses. With a little bit of logic and obvious reasoning, the traders can be aware of these scams.

The Promotional Video:

The promotional video of the software features a lady, who calls herself Jane Creswell, the owner of the software. She talks about her software and also does the bragging regarding the efficiency of her software. No doubt she was clearly advertising her product to the people, but also was trying to convince the traders to get indulged with the software.

It can be clearly seen that the video features only clips of a wealthy lifestyle, good luxury homes and cars and she keeps on repeating the same things again and again. Also, she shows fake bank balances to lure people into joining her software. So, like any other scams, this too shows a lot of things. It is clear that it is a scam.

The Algorithm:

The algorithm that is used in the software is said to have been used from different sources. In the video, the so-called owner of the software speaks that she has started the software from scratch along with some developers who were willing to be on the same page as her.


But it doesn’t specify anything at all. The algorithm doesn’t makes sense. So, it is not possible to make a good earning with the help of software that does not have any proper algorithm.

Why It is a Scam?

To start with, the software fails to provide many things that resemble it to be a scam. Secondly, there is no assurance of its existence. We don’t even know whether this software exists or not. And besides, there are more useless contents featured on the video rather than any particular content that is relevant.

But nothing relevant is shown in the promotional video, neither is provided in the official website of Profits Eternity. Moreover, the involvement of fake owner, false documentation and a lot of lies make it a scam.

Fake Testimonials By Hired Actors:

The promotional video of the software features some few people who give their testimonies regarding the software. Also, they say a lot of good things about the software, but in reality, they all could be found in some websites, from where qualified professionals like actors, singers, etc. can be hired.

These people make it look uglier than it is. The comments by them make it more suspicious, hence losing a good amount of people sometimes, and sometimes it turns to be the other way around.

Final Verdict:

As it has been seen that the software is undoubtedly a scam, there is nothing more to be discussed regarding the software. The traders may fall for the fake promises or may think about the video presentation and get attracted to what has been told and promised, but let me tell you, it is not at all true.

The main intention behind the creation of the software is actually for attracting the traders into this and once they do, to cheat them and get away with their money. Seriously, the binary options trading does have a lot of money to offer, but it also has many risks involved. Nothing comes easy, and especially when the one offering speaks about the ease, it should be more precisely looked into.

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