Insured Trading App Review : Is Legit or Scam Software?

By | February 27, 2017

Insured Trading App is an automated trading software for the binary options. Mr. Oliver Breitner seems to be the owner of this software and this software was introduced by himself. The goal of this site was to give you, maximum profit of $750 per month which will lead you to earn $18000 per day.  He said that he himself have invested $50 million in the software and had been closely working with the software developers for 1.5 years to develop the perfect software for trading on Binary options.

But the real think is that he is misleading us with his false testimonials. Yes, he is yet another greedy scammer or paid actor. Insured Trading app is a scam software. Today in this article I will be concerning why it is a scam. And what are the evidences of scam.

Insured Trading App – Best Software or Scam System?


About Insured Trading App:

The ugly fact about the Insured trading app is it is totally a scam! The promises that it made are all to take away all your heard earned money. Emphasizing on its ads is it possible to earn $18000 per day? One cannot assure what is going to be the next in online binary trading and earning $18000 per day is a dream next to impossible. This app is for deceiving innocent people whole are not aware of the frauds, playing their dirty games online to take away your money. All the experiences that he has talked about throughout his ad is all nonsense, one should be attentive enough to catch that.

The videos uploaded on its favour are all fake and are paid actors who care about nobody but oneself. They are given bunch of money for their task to perform in front of the camera.

How the system was caught scam? Proof found:

Many things came into notice after going through the site. You can also find yourself just that you have to look for few points. These are Website design, bogus promises, fake owner etc. we will describe each point in brief.

Website design: Generally the original sites always provide you all the informations about their business or site in short they provide every possible information they can to their customers because they have no motive to cheat the customers whereas when you look into the fake sites you will be given very less information about their site which will only talk about making money. You can find from their photos or videos provided on their site, it has a very poor quality of presentation, some are downloaded from various source and pasted on their site.


Bogus promises: They make so many promises to make you rich in a very short period of time which usually is not possible in real-time. And they assure you that you will not lose any single trade which is totally unrealistic because 100% chances of success is not at all possible in binary trading.

Fake owner:  You can easily find the owner of the site and his details via social networking sources, if he really is an owner and owns that business he’ll definitely share it on social networking sites. Oliver Brietner who claims to be the owner of this site does not exist in real life. That means he is a fraud hiding his own identity and adopting a fake name to fool the innocent people. He is an actor and had been seen in many other ads doing the same cheap job. On the site he says so many things about his family and investment which are all made up stories you can easily find it if you search and compare the real economic situation and his stories.

Algorithm: To find whether the site or the app is fake or real you can go through the algorithm of the app. Generally the real sites provide the algorithm on which their app works whereas the fake ones will keep telling you that their apps are magnificent, perfect etc etc. indeed the app is magnificent and perfect for them because by using those apps they manage to take away your hard earned money without the need of giving you anything in return. So go through the algorithms of the apps and if it is properly and precisely given then you can trust the app otherwise run away from those frauds.

Video presentation:  You can observe the video given on the site where you can see actors pretending to be business tycoons. They try their best to make you believe to manipulate you but don’t be a prey be smart! In the video the so called Oliver Breitner narrates you the cook and bull story about how people changed their lives by using his app but trust me! These are all fake!


The hired cars and hired people and rented buildings these are all to show you to make you believe and manipulate you.

Fake testimonial:  You can see the testimonials that they have provided on their site if you see carefully you will see people with similar photos you will see one or the other similarity this proves that they had been hired to do the job using same assets which are not suppose to be. For further clarification you can go through the official site and see the testimonial section and observe each testimonial providers who are seems to be from different place but are all paid actors.


Things to be noticed: When you login on this site you will see a section where they display the results of Insured Trading, it may keep changing to make you feel like real but these are just the random numbers. These numbers have no significance.

The Final Verdict:

Stay away from this site which will take away all your money giving you nothing in return. These sites are made to rob you especially the innocent people who are new to this online fraudulent. Many people who were unaware of the scam invested their money on this site and lost of all their money. So my recommendation is go through the site before you invest money and stay away from Insured Trading app.  In case if you have any doubt regarding the information given you can go through it by yourself and check whether it is trust worthy.  Something is better than nothing- it’s good to have your own money safe with you rather than losing it without gaining anything in return.

Insured Trading App Review : Is Legit or Scam Software?
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