Instant Cash Club Review – Scam System! Stay Away!!

By | February 16, 2017

Many people try to search for the best binary options trading software website where they can invest their money and make a profit. But there is always a question which one to trust or is it a scam one or worth spending it. So, here I would like to present in this article scam software which is totally a fraud binary options trading software named “Instant Cash Club”.  Instant Cash Club is a binary trading bot which the system runs 100% on autopilot. This software was represented by Jim Robinson who is a scam artist.

This software is a totally a fake one I would suggest you investigate on it before you invest your money in this software. Sometimes the question arises whether this software is worth it to use it or not. Because of their promising videos and trying to attract people in order to invest their hard earned money. There are so many evidence about this software is a scam, you can follow our article in order to know more details about this instant cash club binary options trading software.

Instant Cash Club is a Scam Software, Be Alert!


Instant cash club is binary options trading software where you can make a profit through autopilot trading system which is totally 100% autopilot software. Below you can check the website and some evidence and proof that instant cash club software is fake software. It claimed as software that works as a code in order to get financial success; they even show the traders how they can make money through autopilot trading system. We cannot trust this software, and you can get to see all details evidence about this software here below.

Fake Website:

In this websites, you can find that one guy named Jim Robinson talking about how this software has changed his life. But if you visit the website you can see that only that one guy is promoting the website. In this website, there is nothing to be shown much interesting about this software.


It is all lying, and even the scam artist Jim Robinson is also a liar. There is no proper contact number about this website or any customer services this shows that it is fraud software and even the websites is a fake one with false promises. So, without a doubt, it is scam software.

Suspicious Promotional Video:

The promotional video which they have shown on their websites is totally very much suspicious. Through this video, you can find that Jim who is a liar trying to convince people why to use this software and how it made him a billionaire. They also try to convince about how the software works and also told their stories and also convincing that it is not scam software. They also showed how people are becoming a billionaire after using this software. Don’t try to get convince by what they say because it is all a lie.


Fake Owner:

The Instant Cash Club software had been created by two developers called Thomas Jordan and Andrew. They claimed to be the owner of this software, and they have described themselves as the most successful Wall Street traders for the past two years. But if we search about this two fake owners you will find that those guys don’t exist at all just like the Jim Robinson guy.


So, this shows that not only the software is fake as well as the owner also doesn’t exist anywhere. We can say that it is a scam software and not trustworthy.

Fake Algorithm:

The presenter of this software does not even bother to explain about the software or how does it work. They only show that how the life is good and how they became a billionaire. This shows that the developers are totally a fraud if their software is for real they would have the care to explain about how the software works but they are skipping the most important matter of all. We can say that they are 100% dishonest about their software.

False Testimonial:

If we talk about the testimonial, then we can say that there are no such testimonies given by any of the members. In simple words, we have seen the testimonies by the members who used this software and have checked about them and we have found out that they all do not exist just like the owner. So, this is without a doubt a scam.

Domain Age of the Software:

If we talk about the domain age then we can say that they have claimed to be real software, and they have been in this business for eight months but if we check through who. Is website we have found something else?


So my question is how come to Jim, Sarah, David and Michael have managed to get so much of money in their bank account within just six months about $1.5 million? It is totally impossible to earn even for the normal and regular person in real life. This is all a fake lie. You can check it out the evidence here below.

Final Verdict – Be Safe!!!!

In my verdict, I would definitely say that this Instant Cash Club software is bogus trading software. You must stay away from this kind of fake software where they claim to make you profit, and it is 100% real deal that works totally on autopilot trading system. In this article, you can not see we have proved that this software is totally a lie where no owner does not exist at all nor does the presenter who was promoting the software not exist at all. So, this shows that it is not trustworthy software to invest your hard earned money since their main goal is to attract many people to invest their money on this stupid software and steal all your money and disappear. Beware of this kind of software to save yourself from this bogus company you must choose wisely about where you are  going to put your own. Hope this article has helped you to open your eyes about this software which is not at all trusted.

Instant Cash Club Review – Scam System! Stay Away!!
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