Gold Binary Robot Review | Is this a Scam or Legit Software?

By | March 1, 2017

Trading online is not bad in fact it is good if you can deal with a good broker by choosing a good software that will help you trade well. Many newbies in trading are facing a common problem of getting cheated by the scam software and scammers in binary trading. Actually, for trading, you also need an experience of maximum years in this field. And you should always be careful before trading with any software company whether it is legit one or just fake.

Like various other software Gold Binary Robot is also one of the Software in the binary trading world. So, let’s check it out whether Gold Binary Robot is a scam or is a good source to invest your money on it.

Gold Binary Robot is a Big Scam – Know the Truth:


Gold Binary Robot training is free trading software available in the market today. It is an automated source which assures you success with income up to 5-10 folds every day. Binary trading is so common with many peoples who try to make more money, but not everyone gets success in this process. Some of them even face a significant loss after investing money on this fake software.

The Gold Binary Robot proclaims that they have discovered the software in a much automated way realizing the needs of the peoples. So, you must be thinking that it is a good platform for trading where you can earn lots of money in less term! Well said!! But it is a common language spoken by most software builders. So, there is nothing truth in it since no evidence is found further in support of it. In another word, you can be sure that Gold Binary Robot is a complete scam.

Few Evidence that prove Gold Binary Robot is a Scam

Usually, this kind of trading software is only created by those who became experts in the trading field. The software builder often gives a fake testimonial in order to prove his software as legit one. There are many indicators that you will find as soon as you visit the page that defines Golden Binary Robot a complete scam. So, let us look at some points that are noteworthy to claim this software as a scam:

  • $300 Initial Deposit – Seriously!!!: As every trader should at least deposit $300 in its initial stage as a beginner, but the team of Gold Binary Robot proclaims that they help people in free trading. Well, this is a silly trick of the brokers to draw your attention and interest, no such thing happens as far as I am concerned. Thus this is another evidence for proving this software as a scam. The presenter claims that they have the automated trading robot which can analyze the present market condition to invest your money automatically. This is one of the fake promises without any evidence in its support which proves it as a scam.


  • No mention About ITM Percentage: The Gold Binary Robot doesn’t mention any ITM percentage to determine how much money a trader can earn investing in this software. It is no way possible for the automated machine to determine the outcome amount of money along with interest. So, this is a total crap and rubbish that will eat up all your invested money leaving you nothing.


  • Bonus Idea – Cheap Step: The brokers of Gold Binary Robot offers you a bonus with so many terms and condition to be accepted, while the brokers are simply determined to cheat you heavily. All this bonus comes in the form of string attach to it which looks quite impressive, but it will detain all your interest, and you will hardly get any profit out of it. So, this is another stupid idea for fooling the innocent traders and hence it is a damn crab a scam.
  • Same Old Trick: If you ever happen to watch the Gold Binary Bot video you will able to find out that all the transaction in the video is a duplicate one including the money and shows nothing real time income. Every single fact of the video is a fake one which proves that it is a 100% scam.


  • Suspicious Brokers: Another important thing to be aware of is that any broker will not offer you $1 trade whereas the Gold Binary Robot is offering such a condition which makes little different. The martingale strategy is too risky, so stay away from investing money on such platform or else you might be a victim of those corrupt brokers. Hence, it also proves that the Gold Binary Robot is a damn scam one and all the promises made by them are lies.
  • 80% is actually no: The Gold Binary Robot is a machine is said to 80 % faster human beings which are quite not practical. The robot is not so good enough and doesn’t give you that much efficiency as said, and thus it is a scam.
  • Founder Itself a Scammer: The founder of this company is Jack Johnson who addresses himself as the creator of this software. But how comes the same person promote another software or product by changing his name from Jack Johnson to Professor Andersen. Thus, this is not genuine software and simply a fake cheater who do fake acting for trade purposes. This is a crystal clear example, which proves this software is a scam one.


  • Lack of Information on Website: Just make a note when you enter the Golden Binary Profit, the site looks very naked with no proper information and guide. Moreover, showing just a video is not enough, there should be perfect information and clue attached to the front page. This shows how unprofessional the software is.


Thus you need first to discover the knowledge for trading before getting into trading, and I suggest you to remain away from trading if you don’t have any experience. Some people trust too much on automated robot trading systems which cost them much later. So, the final suggestion to my readers will be, don’t go for the scam software like Gold Binary Robot which is full of crab shit cheaters.

Gold Binary Robot Review | Is this a Scam or Legit Software?
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