Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Another Scam Software Exposed!

By | January 27, 2017

The Dubai Lifestyle is a binary options trading software that is newly launched in trading world. The founder of this software and the CEO is the same person Mr. Scott Hathaway who intentionally made this trading software. As soon as you open the page you will find a popup inviting you again and again to join this software. Moreover, it also warns you saying if you neglect it you will miss out the chance of profiting more than $7,183.80 each day. So, this sound quite impressive as the software is offering you so much of earning in a day itself.

But, what happens with most binary trading is that many people come up launching fake trading software. So, this is how those trading software companies cheat peoples by mentioning all the unfruitful conditions on its website. So, those kind of software is really not worthy to be trusted on because it will kill your time and money. So, in this article I will be discussing whether Dubai Lifestyle software is a legit or scam and accordingly mention relevant proves for the same.

Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam Software! Read Complete Review!!


As we have heard enough about the Dubai Lifestyle in the beginning paragraph of this article. So, by now I hope that it might have created some picture in your mind regarding this software. But knowing a little is not enough, the most important thing is to verify whether this software is a scam or not? According to me the software is scam. So, in order to prove this, I have collected some evidences against Dubai Lifestyle software which will also make you aware of the same. In the later part of my article, I will be mentioning some of the scam factors of Dubai Lifestyle, so stay focused towards the evidences that are mention below:

Assurance – $7,183.80 per day:

When you visit the official page of Dubai Lifestyle, you will find one popup is disturbing you every now and then. The popup shows you the flexibility of profiting over $7,183.80 per day by becoming one of its members. No binary trading app will offer you such a huge earning per day; it is a complete indication of scam. The popup further ask your email address for free access to this website which indicates a sign of scam.

How will you trust such trading software that shows earning levels again and again? Thus, it is a kind of irritating at the same time which proves Dubai Lifestyle is a complete scam.

Fake Tester of the Software Scam:

When you visit the webpage of Dubai Lifestyle you will find many persons narrating about this software saying this is the best way to earn large amount per day. There are space given for entering your e-mails and name for getting access for free in this software. So, this doesn’t make any proper definition of software and which clearly show this software is a scam.


Moreover, you can easily identify this software is a scam by looking at the page itself.

Unidentified CEO:

One of the most important factors that I have noticed is that the owner of this software company who is the CEO of Dubai Lifestyle is not found in the entire website. Moreover, he is not mentioning any proper identity of the company nor of himself. Only the picture of the CEO is found which looks like stolen pictures or simply added picture. So, this doesn’t make any sense which proves that this is a complete scam.


Moreover, there is no relevant person with this face matching in Google which is a clear indication of a scam. Thus, be aware of this little thing before become one of its testers.

Time Expiry is really a big Scam Issue:

Be clear about one thing that no legit software shows the time running issue except the scam one. Only the fake software does this sort of things to decorate its web page for gaining members. So, this is the most easy way to identify whether the software is a legit or scam.

This time, limit is simply like pressurizing the peoples to use their software, and it doesn’t qualify to be legit. Thus, you cannot trust this software after knowing this software is a 100% scam.

False Reviews Overloaded:

There are many fake reviews decorated in the official web page of the Dubai Lifestyle software. This clearly shows that this software is a scam since many fake earning is can be seen in this review.


In one of the review, it is found that the person who wrote the review profited $11,958.31 after 72 hours after he has successfully activated the software. Do you think this is a 100% true? Just adding five stars and creating fake review determine that this software is a scam.

Mentioning 11 Spots remaining:

When you open the page of the website you will find on the top left corner of the page showing like “11 Spots Remaining” and indicating the name of the specific city along with it. This clearly shows that it is totally fake and invalid software.


There are no such existing spots in real time trading systems, and hence it is a clear indication of a scam. If you ever want to find out the scam software, just see whether these kind’s creative elements are mentioned on the official page or not. In case, you see it be sure that the software is 100% scam.

Final Thoughts – Dubai Lifestyle App!

So, finally I want to assure you that the newly launched software i.e., the Dubai Lifestyle Software is a complete package of fraud. So, don’t trust that fake software by just seeing the decorated web page only. Further try to do some investigation by following the pattern as I have mentioned in this article. So, this is how you will able to find the scam software and detect yourself from getting to such software. Therefore, Dubai Lifestyle Method is proved to be complete scam.

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