Code Fibo Review : Is CodeFibo Worth for Money or Scam?

By | March 15, 2017

CodeFibo is a new binary options trading software which is providing a very good service since its launch. This auto trader has become viral in a very less time and if you haven’t tried this software you are missing a good chance of earning money online. The software works with fairly 97% accuracy although this might not happen during the initial period of trading but it will surely grow with time.

It is a user-friendly system which works with a brand new technology which predicts successful trades easily. If you want to know why this system has gained such a widespread following in a short time then go through this article and find out for yourself.

CodeFibo is a Scam Free Software to Trade:


What is CodeFibo?

CodeFibo is an automated trading system which means you don’t need to sit in front of the computer screen every time you make your trades. The software will do the job for you while you do other important work at home or at your workplace.

It works with an advanced technology known as the Fibonacci Arbitrage which is a new strategy developed by the CodeFibo team. If you are not familiar with the strategy then you don’t need to worry as you will learn about it once you finish reading this aticle.

The software trades in binary options and most importantly with assets. It will make around 80 trades a week on auto trade mode. It has been found that 77 of these trades come out to be successful and this is quite a good number of win as far as binary options trading is concerned.

Owner of CodeFibo:

Prof. Mathew Lewis is the owner of CodeFibo who has been a well-known philanthropist. He has been helping lower middle-class students clear their financial debts which hadbeen piled up because of their academic loans.

He is actually a financial expert and analyst who has examined the national and international economic market and studied the ways of successful trading. He did his research for more than five years finally learning the ins and outs of the binary options and financial trading market.


CodeFibo is his brainchild and he developed this software in order to help the ones who are struggling with financial trading. This is truly an innovative strategy which he now wants to share with new comer traders like you.

How does CodeFibo work?

Before learning the how the system functions you need to know about Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio. If you are not aware of these numbers let me tell you that these are naturally occurring numbers which govern many important natural phenomenon.


As mentioned earlier the CodeFibo software works with a strategy known as the Fibonacci Arbitrage which is the result of the combination of these two naturally occurring numbers. The Fibonacci Arbitrage is an advanced strategy developed by Prof. Lewis and Kevin Lee who is the lead programmer at CodeFibo.

CodeFibo make use of this strategy and predicts future successful trades with ease. Traders who have already used CodeFibo are already amazed by the way it works and I believe this is a very unique discovery which Prof. Lewis decided to share with the world

What are the other reasons which make CodeFibo Unique?

Besides its unique algorithm CodeFibo is also known for its excellent user friendly service. There are several reasons to trade with CodeFibo and they are listed below:


  1. First of all it doesn’t take much time to set up and get registered with. You will hardly need 2 minutes before you start trading with this software and this is why I love the system basically.
  2. You will experience daily winning trades without any doubt and the best part is out of 88 trades per week generated by auto trading you will win nearly 77 of them. This estimates to about 97% of winning trades and this makes CodeFibo an excellent system.
  3. Whether you are comfortable with Auto trading or just manual trading you will have no problem working with CodeFibo. This is because CodeFibo allows you both trading style and this makes it a very flexible system.
  4. If you are worrying about not having any past experience then you will be happy to know that with CodeFibo you can start trading without having any such prior knowledge of binary options trading. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new comer or an experienced trader CodeFibo is the right platform for you.
  5. Lastly you can trade with CodeFibo using any device, doesn’t matter it is a Laptop or a mobile it is accessible from any platform and this makes it a very reliable system to trade with for any kind of trader with low to high  experience.

CodeFibo is not a Scam:

If any such ideas are coming to your mind regarding the authenticity of this system then you are wrong. CodeFibo is not a scam and I will personally assure you that because it lacks all the extravagant claims and the fake exaggerations that make a system look scam.


This product is 100% genuine and the absence of bogus testimonials and unrealistic claims make it an excellent system to start trading with. Moreover, it lacks all the flashy scam behaviours that include costly holiday destinations, Penthouses and overnight success stories that are purely fictional.

How to Join CodeFibo?

As mentioned earlier, you will hardly need a few minutes to join CodeFibo without any complicacies. Just fill in your names and best email address in the registration box and you are done.

If you want to have a free account then you should remember that the number of free accounts is limited which is around 25 of them. You need to sign up immediately to be one of the 25 member but with the objective that you have to provide the screenshot of your first successful trade to the CodeFibo Team which will be used for the website’s commercial purpose only.

Conclusion: CodeFibo is worth our Money

CodeFibo is 100% safe and you are most welcome to become a member of the system without any further delay. The above details are enough to make you understand that there is nothing shady about this service.

Just sign up and start making your trade manually or on auto-pilot according to your comfort level. This is a very innovative system which has the capacity to become a leading binary options trading platform.

Just make sure that you become a member holding a free account because once the free accounts are over you will rather have to pay extra which I hope is not something you will entertain.

Code Fibo Review : Is CodeFibo Worth for Money or Scam?
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