Cloud Track Trader Scam : Review Exposing a Bogus Software!

By | February 14, 2017

Cloud Track Trader is a scam software which has been launched recently. This software was created by the James Christian, who is also the CEO of the Cloud Track Trader.

Cloud Track Trader is a fake software which claims to be able to fetch you a profit of $1,250 per day. The software runs fully on autopilot. There are some more points which are also the detailed information of this software. So I urge, you should at least go through the article for once.

Facts about Cloud Track Trader Scam:


This link will take you to the official website According to me, cloud track Trader software is nothing but a fraud where you will find only the lies and false contents. The software has been created only to make a fool out of the traders or the people who invest their money on it. This software is very dangerous as it may cost you a lot of money for sure.

They show a lot of things that attracts people and hence lose a lot of money. This is the main motive of the software, and it has served its purpose very well for a while.

Suspicious Video Presentation:

The promotional video has been presented by a person named James Christian, who had also claimed to be the CEO of the cloud track trader. From the very beginning of the video, the so-called chief executive officer of the software starts bragging good things about the software. He starts with saying good things about the software like there is a 100% chance of assured profit with the help of the software. He also says that with the help of this software you can make money at least $1,250 per day without any loss.


When you visit the video which is presented by the fake creator claiming about some fake earnings, make money per day with the help of this software. Not only this he tries to convince those innocent people whoever are visiting their website and watching their video. In the 3 minutes video, he has explained nothing about the software or how it works he only said that it is autopilot and nothing else. This shows that it cannot be trusted at all.

James Christian, Paid Actor:

James Christian, other than being the CEO of the software, had shared nothing about himself. He claims to have gathered the best analysts and programmers from Wall Street Traders which is again totally unreal. He also said that he had spent 3 and a half years just for the creation of the software.


During my research, I’ve found out that the creator has already played a role in some other scam software as well, namely Maximus Profits and Cloud Track Trader where he calls himself as George Maximus and Mathew Shepherd. This means that he is just a paid actor who has been paid by the scammers to lie about the software to the people, to convince the people. Here are the evidence.

One more point about the team members is that, as he has shown his team members on the website, but in real they are just stock models. The scammer has used these pictures just to make a fool to the innocent people so that they would invest in the software and lose their money.

Bogus Cloud Track Trader Software:

The creator claims that his software system can make 100% win accuracy with no lose. It also trades on repetitive patterns. He claims the software works on autopilot system to deposit your amount on your trading account along with a certain broker.


According to me, what I have discovered is that the software does not work in real since it is made by the scammers to steal all your money once you deposit in their fake software. The claims which they have made are all bogus nothing is real, and so is the trading statistics. Don’t fall into their trap and lose all your money.

Non-Existent Testimonial:

The testimonials where you will find in the website of cloud track trader is a fake one. The testimonies where they have given through facebook, twitter is obviously fake. The peoples are nowhere to find as they do not exist in real life. I have searched about the software that does not exist even on Twitter.


This shows that all the testimonials which have given on the website about the software are all fake and unreal. So, I would say without any doubt it is scam software and not trusted one.

Domain Age of this Software:

Another fact about this software is that the so-called creator James Christian claims that he have started this software in the year 2014. But when I have searched about the registration in a website called who. Is, which is a website for checking domain age and other information regarding the websites, the result that I got said something else. It has registered on 31st August 2016 which clearly shows that it is not trustworthy and never put your money on it.


Final Verdict: Cloud Track Trader is a Scam, Beware!!

In my opinion, I would say that cloud track Trader software is without a doubt a scam software and also can’t be trusted. I have already stated above all the points against this scam software. So, investing in this software is a mistake.

I would suggest you not to invest your money in such kind of scam software and become their victim. It is just an abuse for the binary options trading. Even though they try to convince the traders, they couldn’t make it up.

You must be aware of this kind of software and avoid it. Thank you.

Cloud Track Trader Scam : Review Exposing a Bogus Software!
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