Bitcoin Money Machine Review : Is This Software a Scam?

By | February 4, 2017

Bitcoin Money Machine software is a suspicious automated trading software for the binary options trading. It is an another in this online trading platform which is very abused. This platform is abused due to some scammers, broker those always remain in scope to cut pockets of new traders. In the market, online trading software is flooding. Many victims lose their everything in this type of scam trading robot and website.

Every scammer of trading platform is now using online automated trading software. It is now becoming a trend for all traders to invest money online. For this trend scammers also develop many automated software. The business logic of that software came from the scammer’s mind and developers associated with them.

Bitcoin Money Machine – Avoid this Scam Software:


Before any investment, you need to know that all this type of software has been developed for their profit, not for you. In the website, there are many fabricated statements,  videos that seem fake on your first look.  I am quite familiar with this type of nonsense and fake platform. Looking its many notable points and statements, I am going to say that it is a SCAM. You might be surprised why is it so?

You will understand and of this article that this is totally a Scam. I will put many pieces of evidence which will prove that it a SCAM.

Bitcoin Money Machine is a SCAM

Bitcoin Money machine automated trading software is now becoming viral. It is well known to all new traders or investor. They are becoming very famous as they are assuring many tricky things. But as per my knowledge they and their software is nothing. They are promising lots of hopes which never fruitful and many unpredictable goals which never successful.

Warren Young who claims as CEO of Bitcoin Money Machine is giving assurance of profitable trade. He ensures that everybody will able to make $264,300.75 in fourteen days with this software. He also stated that his software is a competitor of both binary and Forex market. He used many fabricated statements to confess that he is genuine and also his software is also legitimate. But when I am searched Mr. Young  I have not found any trace of him and of his position as CEO. Maybe he is an actor, or he is hiding from people. So from this introduction of this trading software, we may think that it may be a SCAM.

But don’t think for its Scam. I will make your guess real as I have many points to prove it a Scam. So below I am listing all evidence that I have collected after an extensive investigation.

98% winning rate

Everybody knows that trading platform is an abused platform. In every time one rises, and one falls. Nothing is constant in this platform. So how Mr. Young is assuring 98% win in every trades and also 1000 dollar profit every day. Even an expert of trading platform can’t be able to give such assurance. They provide this percentage of winning rate to trap all fresh traders. Behind this, there are a bunch of scammers who always remain with their hook to catch people as fisherman did with his fishing hook. Naturally if indeed they are giving 98 percent winning, then there never arises any type of negative sense.

Fake Facebook Testimonials

In this website, we will find many reviews from Facebook users. You will be surprised when I will tell you that all those reviews is fabricated. Those Facebook user never exist. I have searched on Facebook for that user, but all of them are fake.


Even in web page, there are many reviews about this software,b in the main thing is that all those reviews are not clickable. Means if we click in any review of Facebook in the page it will automatically redirect to that profile. But on this website, there is nothing as it is only a collection of the image that has no existence. As those reviews are fabricated, we may conclude it is a SCAM.

Fake Software

Mr. Young claims that this automated trading software has the capability to give you maximum profit in short span of time. But when I had investigated it I found that this software is fake. It doesn’t give any signals of trade; it gives those signals which are pre-planned and pre-deigned. It randomly places trades without following any specific rules. This is not a software it is simply a net or trap for fresh traders. They designed it to hook new traders to trade with them.We have received much negative feedback regarding its operation. Some say that it doesn’t follow any rules. So I am saying that never trade with this software.

Website doesn’t have Alexa ranking

Every popular website has at least minimum ranking on Google. Ranking and linking with other site make any site genuine. But in this, there is no such ranking. When I had searched for ranking of this website in Alexa, there is no data. They are saying that this software is capable of giving maximum profit for free. If it is so, then there must be many visitors daily. If there are numerous traders daily on their site, then there must be a good ranking on Alexa. But it is fully opposite. Google can’t be even able to find this website, Which means it is also fake as their software.


As we all know in trading, there is always a possibility of loss as well as profit. So how they are giving all time profit? Are they are God? It seems very confusing. Those who are saying this type of unreliable statements are nothing but a fake and scam person. They made many fabricated promises that you can earn huge amount of money on your first trade with their automated software and show you all possibilities to make you a millionaire.

Conclusion – Bitcoin Money Machine:

So we already know all its impact and results. So think before going to sign in to this website. This is a very dangerous and you have to remain very careful while going for any type of automated trading platform.

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