Auto Money Maker is a Confirmed Scam – Review Exposes the Truth !

By | March 9, 2017

Auto money maker is another scam system like Push money, Dubai lifestyle, Pay my Vacation and another scam system. It is the most dangerous scam system that you will ever come across by reading this article. If you are planning to invest your hard earned money to this bogus system, then let me warn you this system is nothing but a new trading scam business to steal your money and leave you in the middle of nowhere without paying you a single profit. To make you believe that it is a scam system we have investigated more about this system to get more of its evidence and also to save you from falling into a trap.

Auto money maker claims to be one among the best trading automated system from Wall Street that can make you rich overnight with giving you a huge profit. However, if you are still not convinced with this article then check out the evidence in this article which is specially investigated by our experts that will make you believe that the system is fraud and confirmed to be another scam system.

Auto Money Maker Review – It is a Fake System:


Auto money maker is a new trading system that runs on autopilot mode. The creator Arthur McCool claimed that it is a money making scheme that can make anybody rich and also the claim that his software is very easy to use though it can be complicated for the new beginners.

Even after claiming it to be the best trading system it has no information about its algorithm, and also it claims that they will be offering you $2700 US dollars on your bank account since after you join their system but we all know this is not possible in real life.

This system will make you an appalling method to convince you with their encouraging words but be very careful, a mark that as a warning and not to trust this kind of fraudsters. Before you invest your money in any trading software, you should check the website as it takes lots of time to make money and simply cannot waste that money to such fraudsters.

Fake looking Website:

If you enter the official website of an auto money maker, you will not find any information and it has no such interesting thing to see on the website. In fact, the whole website looks shady and unprofessionalism. But one thing you will get to notice that this system is the exact copy of auto money machine which was one among the fraud software.


In fact, their website will not direct you to get financial goals through its automated software. They will only rush you to sign up the account and tell you to invest the money. Moreover, this system has no information about the broker’s account and also has no tutorial video or demo instruction to open their account. So, think wisely before it’s too late.

Fake Promotional Videos:

If you see in the promotional video, you will find that other than the voice speaking about the system there is no other information given about the system and its creator. You will only hear the voice of the CEO, but the person is missing in the video. This shows how the system can claim about the software and makes you fool out of it. So why would you choose this fraud system which has no information about the creator? Also, all those people who have gain profit with auto money maker are the paid actors whom you will find them in

Fake Algorithm:

Auto money maker software has no algorithm; you will not find any information about the algorithm in this system. It says it will give you a profit with 80% investment in return since after joining this system but what you hear from the new traders is their loss result. This shows that the fake CEO of this software was just bragging about this software. So, without having any doubt, we can say that it is a scam software and untrustworthy. Instead of mentioning about the algorithm and how the system works, this system only talks about some of the people’s dramatic life story by joining their company.


Fake Owners:

Arthur McCool claims to be the owner of auto money maker system according to the promotional video. But you will not find him on the website other than its voice in the promotional video. This shows that the system is fake and untrustworthy. You cannot trust a system which has no information given about the creator.

Domain age of Auto Money Maker System:

If you check the domain age in the checking website WHO.IS you will find that auto money maker is registered on 2016, but it has been claiming it to be running for a long time.


Fake Testimonials:

Auto money maker is a fraud system, and the people who are shown in the promotional videos are fake paid actors taken from They are all paid actors who get paid for acting on their website, and also their photos and videos are taken from some random YouTube videos and stock photos. It is their tragedy to make their system be one among the genuine successful product. They will simply offer you good deals just to attract the new traders and also by claiming that you would be getting 80% win trade, but they has no strong evidence to proof their points. Such kind of trading win rate does not exist in any trading platform.

Final Verdict – Auto Money Maker:

This software is not worthy enough to invest our money, in fact, they have no proper information about the software, algorithm and also no creator of the software. All their testimonies are fake, and it is a fraud software. So, you should avoid this scam system, and through our review, I hope you have already read the shortcomings of Insured trading scam app. Therefore, keep yourself safe from falling into a trap and also others who are trying to invest their hard earned money.

Auto Money Maker is a Confirmed Scam – Review Exposes the Truth !
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