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By | February 13, 2017

In this article, I will introduce you to one of the big names of the binary options trading platforms namely the 24Option which has been on the scene since 2009. It is among the list of the top rated binary options trading platform which has been trusted by veteran traders and new comers alike.

Thanks to the variety of educational materials available in the website 24Option has been known to provide a world class customer service, and a sophisticates trading experience. This article will give you an insight to this award winning renowned trading platform that might be an interest to you as it offers a whole new range of trading options and a safe trading experience.

24option Broker Scam Review:


Basic Details about the Platform:

24Option is a professionally moderated platform which is owned by Rodeler Ltd. It is situated at Limmasol in Cyprus and is regulated by CySEC regulations a world renowned financial regulating body.


The 24 Option is open for traders from all around the world, but traders from US and Australia are not accepted because of difference in financial regulations in these two nations.

24Option allow a maximum investment of $50,000 and guarantee a 100% bonus and 89% maximum returns.

It offers basic High or Low trading options and other options like Boundary, Touch and High Yield options. The expiry times come in a plethora of numbers from 30 sec, 60 sec, 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, and 30 min to 1 hour and also includes 24 hours to end of month expiry times.

Types of Account Available:

24Option will let you register with three different account types available. You are free to choose from any of the three account types available, but it is advisable that you first go through the demo account that will help you learn about how to trade professionally.

Let me introduce to the three account types available in 24Option; they are Standard, Gold, and Platinum accounts. Among them, most professional and expert traders choose the platinum account because it comes with much more flexibility and high-yielding options.

Platinum account holders are always in advantage for getting all the newest updates and news about the latest market trends and the market scenario. The next account that is Gold allows 2% return on each trade and can also make trades in all kinds of options. The members holding a Standard account can get 24/7 assistance and can trade with all the options available.

Lastly, the free demo account is very useful to start learning how to trade. This is helpful for new comer traders and anyone who wants to get familiar with the market experience should opt for the demo account.

Education Centre and Guide:

24Option comes with the Guide and Education Centre which is a very useful tool to make you learn the basics of trading in this highly competitive binary options trading market.

In the Guide Section, you will find some basic information regarding trading with the 24Option platform. You can explore your trading platform and know about the Regulation Requirements and much more. These come under “Learn to Trade from Anywhere” section found in the Guide.


Education Center is a very informative collection of videos and tutorials which include webinars, strategy building plans, programs useful for clever market analysis and even more details about understanding the market trends.

Te Education center has been divided into 3 sections meant for every level of expertise including the basic, the intermediate and for the Advanced level traders.

This doesn’t make sure that you will become a successful trader overnight, but it can surely make you understand how the business can be handled from a different level. Moreover, it is obviously better to gather information before plunging directly into the scene. This will ensure you remain prepared and help you make reasonable moves and help you strategies your next move confidently.

Available Assets to trade:

24Option has a brilliant collection of assets with which you can trade with. From currencies to commodities to indices and stocks this is a store house of assets. You will find leading stocks like BMW, Google and even indices NASDAQ and DAX in the indices and currencies USD, EURO, JPY, and GBP.

Now, you need to keep in mind that these assets will have a direct influence upon the pay outs that you will receive. Payouts get heavily altered if a new asset enters the scenario.


Banking with the 24Option is easy, and you can be sure about the deposits as 24Option is in no way a scam. One thing that makes it stand out from the crowd is its fast banking facilities. 250 USD, GBP, EURO is the minimum amount of deposition.

Feel safe about your investments and you can make your deposits in USD, GBP, JPY. You can make use of any kind of payments ranging from Mastercard, VISA, or credit cards, Western Union, Skrill and any kind of digital payments. 24Option is reliable and trustworthy, and all these features make banking here a safe experience.

Just like deposition 24Option has a highly reliable withdrawal plans. You can withdraw the payouts in 1-3 working days normally.

Customer Service:

Just like every professional binary options trading platforms 24Option has got a brilliant customer service 24/7 assistance. You can get support in a number of international languages and hence if you are not familiar with English you don’t need to worry.


Assistance is provided in more than 13 languages, and English is generally the most preferred among them. There is also an access to 24 hours live chat which gives assistance in all those 13 languages which make it a flexible platform.

You will also get all the traditional ways of connecting with the 24Option support team. Make a call in their contact number to get direct assistance or you can send your inquiries to info@24options.com directly.


24Option compatibility with MAC, Windows and any kind of Android devices make it a versatile trading platform. Thus, as long as you have internet access you can make use of the various versions of platforms available for the 24 Options.

The iOS and Android versions of the 24Option app is available for download at Google play store, and you can easily grab anyone of them with your convenience and start trading through your smartphones.

24Option is worth – Final Words:

24Option is among the best Binary Options trading platform available online. With all the educative tools and learning guides it is the best choice for being the platform to start trading with if you are a beginner.

Boris Becker and Juventus Football Club have recently become official partners of 24Option. This is all the more makes it a globally identified platform.

Although its extensive platform can be too much for a newcomer but with all the service and the service combined this is a highly recommended platform for binary options traders.

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